Being Human: Choosing Reality

Did you know that you are here to experience life?
Do you know what that means?
Do you know how to experience life?

I do not think we understand– I don’t understand. I feel cut off from the wonder and amazement at the world; the understanding and feeling I had as a child. The one that I felt when my mother’s arms would wrap around me. The one that I saw in the grand canyon. The one that I see when it rains. I would even feel it with the ants outside in the grass, going in and out of their tiny, but mountainous hills.

I want openness to be with and the willingness to receive the love in life.

Do we have that? Are we free to feel that about the trees or the streams? Are we free to feel that about the animals we treat or the ones that we eat? Are we free to feel that about ourselves, or are we like the forests, animals, and rest of nature that our society has touched; have our natural processes been influenced and shaped, from our entrance into this “environment”.

I do not feel free in this society. If you choose to bring awareness to your senses, and then feel and understand, then you will see as I do. Though my chains are not metal, like some people’s are, they are real enough to guide my feelings, thoughts, actions, and the entire way I feel about the world.

We must undo the undue social contracts and chains that bind our feelings, thoughts, and actions and instead, choose morality. Choose a life. Choose, accept wrongs and then learn; there is no other way to understand. Understanding cannot come unless the indoctrination is undone.

Let us never forget the life we live, the actions we take, and the impact it can have if we so choose. Use your agency and reclaim your ability to experience and live in the amazement of Life.

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