Peace is Natural

Peace does not wait. What makes us think that doing things as they’ve been will result in anything different than what they’ve produced in the past? What makes us think that we have to wait on what we want?

We must go to what we want.

Peace is not brought about by the absence of Harm and Violence, but instead it is an action of love to yourself and another. Not harming and being non-violent are prerequisites to peaceful action. It is created from stability in your emotions, practices, and awareness.

Beliefs stabilize your life

Have emotions and handle them. Treat them as clouds not rivers, they are not things that your awareness can hold and the winds of life can blow them, change their shape, and control whether they fall as mist, rain, or a hurricane.

Beliefs stabilize your life

Practice always and always practice. A river does not change, except constantly over time (and even then it only changes the shape of the environment, which in turn changes the shape of the river), instead it keeps its shape enough for moving water to appear like glass. There is a force to it. Let the river of your actions take away any rock thrown at it. Let it fall to the bottom and add to the sound of the river; the one that drives away noise.

Beliefs stabilize your life

Let your awareness be free and unpolluted. Like water, your awareness can nurture and grow everything in your world. It is in the air, on land, and with itself, but it changes with its experience. It is the cloud in the sky; Though distinct, it is the same as the water in the air we breath. What your awareness does not touch it does not nurture. Rain it down on your fields and mountains. Let it flow down the mountains and into the forests. Feel it in the valleys and streams, the low and light parts of life, as it brings what it is to itself; home, in the ocean.

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