Pleasures in Pain

What was once a world of serenity is now a land of red rust and dark decay. The wistful wind of life have whisked away my wishes. They have worn me to my marrow and left me nothing else of nutrients. The structures that once supported the development of my life and soul are now rusted and crumbling. The rust stains my mind as it burrows deeper into my center. The darkness is overbearing. One would be shocked to remember when this planet’s core had the strength, energy, and the shine of 10,000 suns. Now, that is only an inkling of a memory,

And still

No matter how far, I will not forget. I am giving myself to my prosperity.

So I will rip away this rot with my teeth. I will till this desolate land to my bone. I will nurture this land with my tears. I have been in this land for years… I refuse to no longer make it mine.

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