Bound by my own Desires

A box, full of potential; full of thoughts
Coarse and worn, like old sidewalks
My head upon my soul’s treetops

The woods are small, but ready to strike.
A match, a blaze, such a beautiful sight.
Awareness of the energy, free and light.

It appears to guide me and protect me from fear
Giving strength to my emotions whenever I am near
Steering and Rearing my elusive mind to cheer

but with it, I’m on a road leads to death
With heavy cares and worries about being the best
The weight of the world– my unbound soul’s behest

I need peace from my heart’s grandiose desire
To save, to love, to be a rectifier
To spread my soul to others like a wildfire…


My soul is tired of moving so slow
it seems I’ve come across a place I can’t grow
to move with those I love and take the path that I know
seems to be the thing holding me back from growth

My passions have become bound to the workings of my mind
I mixed myself up too much with the passing of time
My ‘musts” and “shoulds” have put me in a bind

Giving away my soul means that nothing is mine

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