An Open Drain

Sometimes it feels like my heart is infinity. I can feel the energy pass through me; like a hot piece of tungsten, suspended in a vacuum. As elusive as an idea and as grand as the sun itself. After a time, this light grows dim.

Many times, I feel my heart gaping. barely available, barely alive. My light, extinguished. The dwindling match is too tiny to light up the forest of my mind. My sun has imploded; the pressure is too much. What was once my light has become my darkness.

When the black hole starts consuming, my being is torn asunder. What once contained my sadness and negativity is now fodder for the lowest pitch of darkness inside of me. Every crack and crevasse of my universe can feel the force of bellow. Every fiber of my soul is stretched and my respite is out of reach.

Where is my refuge?

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  1. Wow…just wow… 👏👏👏

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