Meditations: The Purpose of my Heart and Soul

What is my heart and mind for?

My friends and family? Those who love me? My dreams and passions? Myself?

Do I have to choose?

Does it have to be either or?

Can someone not be for everything? For Everyone? I am for myself, but have I not given different parts of myself to others? Should I close myself off to be uninfluenced by people?


My heart has always been for those around me. My heart has been at peace connecting with those around me; connecting those around me, but what am I now? Who have I served in my life recently? Who have I connected?

I am no longer that selfless prince trying to spread infinite wealth, but rather a simple merchant. Trading with love; trying to maximize profit.

But I cannot simply return to that old narrative, which is better in terms of action, but falls short because it idealizes my role and influence with and among people. I am a connector. I want to care for those I love and anyone who I come across. I want to bring people together, but I am far from an embodiment of these traits.

I am no incarnate

I am no Prince

I am Just a human. And like every human, I must learn and try a little harder; just a little bit closer; everyday.

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