The Soul Deepener

How arrogant you are to think that you can
Try something as ambitious as deepening the souls of men

What are your methods of puppeteering?
Where are your desires when you touch the pool of their soul?
The turbulent thrusts of water with thorny eyes, domineeringly peering
Loneliness is a companion to most deep down where it’s cold

This solace you seek seems to be in those you deem meek
You seem to think that the strong can help the weak
That a king can come down and save a peasant in the street
But what does that do? What have you learned? What is it that you desperately have to teach?

What a notion; frankly, a forced notation; your nation nurtured those false foundations. Past patriarchal patterns pulls at people. Built with tricks, brick by brick, to take you on tangents, to forget your wits.

Creating Complex, Hear oh hero, Hell and Conflicts, here, oh hero.




Spoiled things spoil things. Scrub the dirt from your wound. Heal your broken and subdued heart.

Break down the false worlds inside

A closed heart thinks it is saved from the world, but an open heart can receive an invitation to someone else’s world.

Self discovery is a story and you are not the only writer.

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