Words for Your Young Yearning Ears

Do not shake the strings that your heart has connected to. You know what that does. You’ve seen things move in the shallow end of a beach. You know what type of dirt that sifts up. I know your heart still pings with anxiety.

I know that the dirt from you had no nutrients. I saw how much you took from the ground. I saw how you stripped it of its value and body.

Yourself; Your Love

I am upset that you demeaned the love that you have to give. I am upset that you have starved yourself of what could have grown. With you and someone else; whether grain or sweet.

But I get it; I understand. You were given a bad rap. Your field was tarnished. Salt and spite were sprinkled on your land; your home and place of comfort was muddied.

But if you don’t clean it, how can you even start to grow? do you know what you want to grow? Do you have the tools? Do you even know what you have?

How do you begin to grow if you cannot answer these questions?  How can you answer the questions if you can’t even function in your foreclosed house?

Try to clean; sweep, wipe, scrub, and shine. Beautify our home and place of stay.

Your house has, mold, lead, and mice.

My heart and mind needs renovation. Closed for Renovation


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