Reach out and touch whatever your awareness brings to your mind.

This road is far too windy and we are going too fast for anything else. We do not pass over the same spot twice. The opportunities that you come across tend to repeat themselves, but only so much as you take them. This life is a road trip. Your experience is predicated on getting out and exploring.

So Look-

For the antique shops
The restaurants with food you’ve never seen
The sights you never thought would be so grand
The different way people speak
The different things people say
The history that others have
The smiles that they give you

The way they live life

I am sorry, but you do not have much time. The waves of life have already pushed you to this far along the road. You are already where you need to be. The situation is already in the present. You know what to do. and if you don’t simply look around you. Nobody goes on a road trip without asking a couple of people, but nobody can plan a trip for you better than you.

You are the driver. You make the choice of which way to go. you can’t always use the route you want. You can’t always make it on time. you will be behind schedule and sometimes have nothing to do. but look and see the world for what it is.

Look and see the world for what it is


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