To My Mother

You showed me what it means to love.

I don’t know what other people do and how they raise their kids, but there is a difference between me and some of my peers. A lot of them are in pain and hurt others in that pain. Thank you for teaching me how to love someone in pain. Your love has spread throughout my friend group. Your love has given others life.

I remember, many years ago, that you would listen to me speak about the things that filled me with passion. From bugs to dinosaurs, you were there to listen. even though you hate bugs. Even though you had 4 other kids to homeschool. You listened to me.

Even when I was accusing you, you listened. Even when I was prosecuting my education you listened. Even when it was about things that went against your belief, you listened. When I was broken, crying, and suicidal, you listened.

I have recently felt that my name isn’t coincidental. I have recently felt that I am Angelo. That I am a messenger. That I am meant to tell or show the world something. Whatever I accomplish is because of you. A messenger is useless without someone to hear.

Thank you for fostering, in me, the ability to speak. Thank you for affirming my messages. Thank you for being there for me. Anything I do in my life is a direct reflection on your parenting. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to live out my dream, my vision, My Calling.

I really don’t know how to talk about how important and vital you are to me, Momma.

Talking is about you is like trying to talk about my favorite thing about the air or the sun. I find myself so lost for words because I can’t imagine life without you. At every step, you have been and are there to build me up.

It’s just unconditional love from my mother.

I Love You, But You Loved Me First Momma

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