Don’t stop

You’re going down the right path.

Keep going; keep growing. You will know no peace until your desires are fulfilled. If you do not help them, who will? This is more than a savior complex. This is a complex that grows after doing nothing for so long. Maybe that’s is the root of a savior complex, guilt.

An awareness of the destitute reality of living. Life is guilty, pain, and strife. I feel guilty for living, It is as if my past life stole something to get here. I feel as though I have penance. Maybe it is my evangelical background. Maybe that’s why I have diagnosed my heart as troubled, but that is of no concern to me now. The past only matters so far as it constrains the future.

Create a new future, as if there were an established one already.

Continue forward

Run to your destination.

Live life freely

Value every second, but don’t stop to count it

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