To My Heart

To my heart.

Do not leave me. I can’t imagine life without you. I’ve wanted you gone for so long, but all of the time that we have spent together leads me to believe that I cannot be without you.

Do not get broken down when you fail or when you fall; even if you are tripped. You can always stand up and stand strong. That is the way you are. Your will is your power and your compassion is your guide. Peaceful waves are not to be aspired to but instead, the management of duality.

How do you live with this duality of heart and mind? how are you not ripped apart? O the turmoil that you must feel. The overflow of problems you must have. Duality, indecision, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, anger, and then apathy. Why do you not rip yourself apart, my soul? This is all of you. This is a part of you.

You are also strong, beautiful, open, compassionate, thoughtful, and just. They are both inherent to your being.

You must remember what you want. I love you, but you forget things that ought not to be forgotten. Take the steps to understand how this works in your life and the interaction between the different parts of your nature.

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