Planets and Fish

There are a couple of things that I’ve learned in my short time so far.

We are beings who only live in the moment. Nothing can be counted as absolute in life, only certainties. The rate at which we experience this existence greatly depends on the weight we put on it: what we are experiencing, the cognitive power and time we spend on it, and the amount of time we have lived already. Time is relative. This is not just a mathematical understanding of the universe, but instead, an observation of a fundamental truth that permeates every level of existence.

Simply put, things seem a lot faster when you have a lot of stuff to do. This can makes us feel like there is no time, which then stresses us out and affects our ability to do tasks. This sense of time is skewed. It pulls us in like gravity. Getting stronger and stronger. Pulling on our minds and energy toward it.

This is why time moves faster when your having fun. It is the absence of the massses pulling at you. you only have one concern and your desires are simple.

You are present

Completely lost in the moment; letting one thing happen after another without ever cognitively thinking about the actions taking place.

But be careful. just like a stream carries a fish down a mountain, so does life carry you inside of the context of your water. You do not control where you start. You do not even completely control where exactly you go. You simply keep swimming. A fish that is moved by water goes where the current is the fastest; never leaving the water that they started in. A fish who swims is aware of a the split a stream. They are aware that a choice must be made. It is in these crossroads that we get choice. Never knowing exactly where things go, but always looking for somewhere to go.

If we keep swimming, we might even reach the ocean

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