To My Best Friend and Fellow Sad Boi

For a time you were my only community in sadness and one of my only friends who understood some of my pain. Crying with you threw my pain away. Being with you made me feel empowered to handle my sadness. You always had more “justification” for your sadness in my mind (Because for some reason my brain, especially when we first met, makes every attempt to tier everything and define what comes into my ears).

You are a strong one. I have many strong friends. My technical definition of strength is: The ability to withstand something without sacrificing an integral part of itself. And so even though we cry together, even though we hurt together, and even though we fail together and or lives are falling apart. We have not sacrificed our desire for things to get better. When I have wavered in that, you have kept me going. And even though there are times where we think that we aren’t enough or times where we truly think things can’t get better. We are still here. And We Can Still Go Forward With Each Other.

I don’t Love you because of your Beauty, or your Art, or your fantastic taste in music, or for honesty, which I aspire to emulate, or because of your passion to care for those in need and who are suffering, or any other thing like that.

The only thing I can say that embodies somewhat why I love you, is that You bring me community, You make me feel valued, You listen to me and my heart.

Thank you, my dear friend

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