Wake up Your Beautiful Soul

The inspiration for life comes from the pursuits of the heart. No wonder I haven’t been inspired. What I have been chasing and looking for has been empty. It leads to a labyrinth of chaos. I can’t seem to shake off the bewilderment that is still hazing my vision. Like a toy that won’t turn off; the noise clouds my mind and doesn’t allow me to think, but there is clarity in self. There is peace in discovering where one is.

There is love inside. Trust me. Look at my writing see the progress. the upward trend with so much variance and volatility most people wouldn’t invest. But they did. I am growing because of who is around me. I am growing because they have allowed me too. And I am backing their investments of advice and experience with my effort and by changing habits.

To go far on your search for self, you must know when to walk in someone’s footsteps and know when to pave your own. The answer is to which one to choose is simply when you want to pave your path do it. Search your heart and discover your own intentions of your desires. If you still want it, start walking over the grass of the road untravelled, but either way, the first step on a new path or in someone’s footsteps has to come from you. Keep trying to get past the sleep paralysis keeps you from moving.


Keep trying to make the first step. Even if you fail, keep going. Let’s support each other as we grow!!!

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