Bound to Be Free

Don’t forget to be a hippy.
Be happy, be free, be litty for really

Do what you want and have fun doing it
But to your heart and mind you should submit

Because there’s no fun in just following the rules
You have to bend them, break them, and repurpose them as tools

See rules are hard and sound bad to the ear
But they work pretty well if you’re an engineer
But for the softer things, adaptability is better
To can change and pivot, while being light as a feather

but don’t abandon everything because rules can take you far
Once you’ve bent them and changed them they can control who are

No walls for life, that’s hard and no fun
But a little guidance never hurt anyone
So make some rules and hold yourself to some

So you can be free to live every hour
Life with no rules leave people free to devour
life with some rules allows for people to gather

So find that freedom from what you don’t want
and find peace in the things you do
This way is one way to figure out how to be you

With all whimsical tune being absent, let me tell you a truth. The one thing to look for and the one thing to work for is freeing oneself from the chains on oneself and exchanging them for chains from one’s self. Chains can be imprisonment, but they can also be a guardrail for life.

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