What a gift

Thank you, to the cosmic being of the universe for creating me. All this fucking depression, all this fucking anger, and all of the insecurities a human can hold all tied up into one. Thank you for all of it.

Thank you for the happy times, however seldom they were. Humans do find happiness in exclusivity, so maybe the fact that happiness has made up about 10% of my sober life in last year made that 10% that much more enjoyable.

Thank you for the privilege of growing up in a power house country. even if people consider me a lower class of human, at least I am considered that.

Thank you, and I truly mean it. I mean it from the deepest recesses of my heart.

If emptiness of not existing is anything like the apathy that I feel, then God, pain with sprinkles of happiness is better than the nothingness

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