My Girl

Sometimes it’s hard to get up

When I wake up, loneliness is my only companion. Every morning she kisses me and keeps me in bed. I can’t get up. I don’t know if to her intoxicating touch or the weight of her body, but around her I can’t move. I can barely breath.

She is a little needy

She takes certain things. Usually, I don’t mind; I’m not too attached to my job, school, or friends. At least, not with her around. I have to give those things up. I have to give what she’s hungry for. It’s a give and take relationship, right? I have to be there for her.

She doesn’t hurt me too often

Sometimes she’ll make me hit myself or make me sabotage myself, but it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. And that’s what is important. Having her around makes me feel. She makes me feel. Seeing the world in blue is better than seeing nothing, right? I need her to be there for me.

Everything about her is perfect

She is always here. She never leaves my side. I have someone who understands me. She keeps me from the nothingness. She keeps me from death. I need her. With out her I do not exists. What am I left with? Without her who am I? I’ve known Neli all my life.

Life without Loneliness is nothing.

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