The Wave of Knowledge

What do we give up when we change?

Do we just grow? adding new information to our mind?

or is it deeper, like forgetting who you once were.

I know it comes like a rising tide. unnoticeable until you drift off to sea.

I know that it can be as strong as a tsunami and as forceful as a hurricane.

I know that it can lift people up and carry them to new lands

I also know that something is lost in the typhoon of growth; something is left behind when you are carried up in the gust of change.

I know what is left behind was once thought to be truth, I know that it was close to the heart.

I know that you were bound to it and that it would not let go of you.

I know that it hates knowledge and an open heart.

I know that it tries its best to work its way back into your life.

I know that the thing you left behind is ignorance

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