The Cage

How does one face scrutiny when everything is mounted against you?

There seems to be nothing that I can do. No words that I can say. And no course of action that can be taken.

I am stuck inside opinion and illusion. A story made in someone else’s mind. A version of reality that is running from the true.

A mirage

But the narrative that has been forced upon me is no water in the desert. Instead, it is a sandy hell of pain and betrayal. And my captor holds the key. The same story echoed throughout my history.

I am not a monster. I am not a threat. I am not at fault.

There is no god to ask for release from this. This story has been written by the ones people consider above and I cannot say a word. If I do, I will be punished. If I don’t, then I will be sentenced.

I am damned.

They have forsaken me. People that I once held dear are being stripped away, but I will make no effort to come to a resolution with them. It is their choice on what they think.

But it still hurts

My back is gushing. Only words of humility and understanding can heal the wound. That is about as likely as this hell I’m in freezing over.

My life has been stained by the pain of another.

No one can wash it.

The stain is black.

And now I am met with a situation where I can never come back.

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