It feels as though my heart has been jump-started.

Who knew it was possible to feel for someone again. To have everyone else drop away and that person be the only one standing. The warmth that comes from their hand and the wind that carries their hair all seem so precious.

Every moment with them is special; every second. The anticipation to see them mounts whenever you are not around them. You think of their voice speaking of the inner workings of your heart. You think of the numerous possibilities of the future. All the good times that are to come.

You even look forward to the bad. The struggles that you will go through; all of the growth that will happen. You look at it with fondness; with peace. Because you know that nothing can separate you two. It will not be easy, but you don’t want it to be. You know that easy things aren’t worth as much as hard things.

You know that they are worth the world

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