How can we express what there are no words for? These feelings. This pain. The joys of life. how can we correctly covey the important details that make each one of us different.

I often forget how important expression is. The things we do by complete choice when we do not have anything telling us what to do. The seemingly unneeded parts of our life. I think these parts are more needed than we think. I think important thoughts come out during these times. It is at times like these that we understand and process more of ourselves. I think what we choose to do defines are very being. what we do when no one is looking. The thoughts that we have uninfluenced.

expression is an insight to the soul. We should pay more attention to the way we express ourselves. If we have a problem, it will continue to be expressed through our actions. It comes out; It is a vision of the burdens of our heart.

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