The pain of love

Why do I choose the things I can’t have? Why do I want the things I can’t. Why is the girl I want the girl God says I can’t have? Why am I like this, but it doesn’t matter, cuz she doesn’t like this.

Me, the one she has no feelings for, I can brighten up her day and put a smile on her heart, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not the one she starts with, the one on her mind, I’m not the one she is with, the dude by her side.

But it doesn’t matter, because no matter what I choose I’m screwed. I’m bound to lose. No choice in the matter. She doesn’t love me, and I can say it doesn’t matter, but it does.

And it hurts. I’m in pain. I’m in agony. No matter what I do it won’t change. I’ve got no chance. I’m a hopeless romantic whose lost all hope for romance.

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