The Edge

What is valuable in informing my decisions? is it my thoughts? my emotions? my feelings? Ah, intuition; the background working of the brain. The intangible tug of unfinished ideas and thoughts. My intuition is running wild.

My eyes could be dull. My hearing numb, but usually the guide I have over my life is sharp. It is instant feedback that has a direct relative action for the matter at hand. At this moment it is failing, or unfulfilled.

My gut and chest are screaming. I can feel my throat, as it seems to feel slightly closed. My heart feels overflowing with worry. If I were a bird, I would fly away. If I were a cat, I would cling to the shadows and wait, but I would watch. In this moment my eyes are sharp, my ears are wide, and I am feeling what is around me, because I am scared. I do not know if it is for me, for my family, or for my friends, but I am scared and anxious. My hands feel as though they are shaking and my face feels tight. I am not sure what to do. I am going to pray that I understand why I feel this way.

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