Expressions of Emotions

Why should emotion be expressed? There is a push in my generation for an increase and freedom to express one’s self. I feel it too. I agree with it, but why. Why do people need to know not just how I feel, but why I feel the way I do, and how I feel this way. I do not think that we would express as much, if any, as much as we do if we were completely alone, but I do not think that our expression is completely reliant on other people; although, it may very well be influenced by others.

I think the reason for my need to express comes from two different sources. The first is our environment, mainly the increased outlet for expression. I think that my desire to express is somewhat dependent on the increase of exchange of information. Now that everyone can be heard we feel the need to speak. For some reason I, and probably others, cannot help but be filled with a desire to permeate the expanse of the internet, whether people actually fill it is a different story. This extends into our real lives and changes the importance of being heard and communicated with in reality. The second reason stems from understanding. This probably resonates with artists. My desire to scream out into the expanse of my life is not just dependent on my being heard by others, but also, and possible more importantly, being heard by myself. I need create to exists.


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