I have recently written a short paper comparing my entrepreneurial traits to entrepreneurs who have made it. In that paper I compare my passion to them.

For the first time ever I realized that I am not a passionate person. do not be confused, I take every chance I can to express love and affection. The passion I am talking about is different. It stems from a desire to accomplish and achieve. my previous passions have been things such as, finding a wife having kids, or becoming an archaeologist, or even learning 5 languages, but non of these things kept my attention. each one pushed the other out of the way. I moved from wanting to learn languages, to wanting to be an archaeologist, to wanting to be married, and finally to wanting nothing. My passion has left me. why is this so? Have I become hopeless? has my expectations to fail force my mind into discounting those short lived dreams? Have I become so use to failure that I can no longer conceive of accomplishing a great thing that I want? It is possible that I am nothing but a cowardice boy that cringes, whines, and cries because I do not believe in myself.

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