What is this

What is this feeling? what is this feeling that I can’t put into word. How can I describe it? is it pain? If so, where is the affliction? No one hurt me. There are no wounds.

What is this? Is this longing? Do I crave something? If so what is it? Where is it? is it tangible? is it attainable? There is hunger, and there is food. There is love, and there are people. What is this? If I can’t name it how can I satisfy it? How can I function? How can I live? Why is there a hole? why is there a gap? Why does it seem endless?

Is it possible to fall into it? Is there a bottom? does it end? does is cease?

emptiness just is.

What is the point if I cannot live while I am alive. Is this emptiness a description of my life, if so, should I continue? Can I fill what has no end? Can I fill myself?

Can someone else fill me? do I need love? Do I need affection? Is there someone who can help?

God, where are you? God where is this Love you speak of? Is it in my life? Of course! But it is not in the emptiness. The pit is not filled. I long for more. Am I wrong? should I stop wanting? can I stop wanting?

I am afraid. Oh God I am afraid! I need help I need peace, but the emptiness snatches it away. I cannot carry on alone. I feel desperate. I have fallen, but the ground is not in sight.

it is dark. I feel empty. Can light shine if there is nothing to see can light be seen? Can there be light in the dark?

What is this? What is inside of me? It feels like it is eating away at my heart? I want to scream, but sound does not move through nothingness. he pit swallows everything I am.

I am Happy, but empty. I am joyful, but empty. I am passionate, but empty. I am patient, but empty. I am myself, but empty.

I am alone inside the emptiness. I am alone inside myself.

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