Who am I?

who am I? After all of my achievements, titles, family, and friends are stripped away what is left? Am I not just a empty husk? Is my identity really based in my family and friends, and achievements? After all is said and done what is left behind is loneliness, hope, kindness, raw emotion, and logic

Loneliness might be the biggest part of me. I am not just talking about the lack of people being around me, in fact, I need sometime away from people weekly, probably even daily. I am talking about the feeling of emptiness. I am talking about the pain. I am talking about the destitute soul that comes from the lack of a companion. Not a romantic companion, but instead someone to talk to. I mean really talk to. I almost have that in some friends, but for one reason or another, our relationship cannot reach that point. Maybe a very close friend will not change anything. Maybe I’m looking for the type of relationship that comes from a romantic relationship or marriage. I do not know what I need in that sense, but I do know that God is sovereign. I know that at any point in time he could take the loneliness away. I know that the only reason he has not taken it away, because he knows that with him I can handle it. I know that he is good and I know that he does nothing that will harm my connection in him. He is Lord.

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