When Can I Be Free?

I’ll be blunt. I am struggling right now. I’ve been struggling with the same thing for almost eight years. it seems like it will never end. It seems like the moment I have some kind of hope of breaking free, I get distracted and I can no longer fight it. No… I no  longer feel like fighting it. The funniest thing about temptation, at least the ones that I’m tempted in, is that it usually never brings me any pain, only discomfort. There are no threat for my life. No serious injuries. Nothing.

This is very concerning. Is it true that I would rather sin- that I would rather provide force behind the nail in my saviors wrist, than to deal with some discomfort? Is the thought of my God that for off? If either of these questions are true there needs to be change.

It is good in theory to conclude that Jesus died for one’s sins, past, present, and future, but is that true in my actions? No. God has given me a mind that can understand theories and abstract things, but I have been limited in my application of these truths. so while the statement above about Jesus’s death is true, it is not true throughout my life.

This is true on a basic level. My actions do not reflect all of what I know I should do, so why would it be any different when it comes to my obedience and my relationship with the Lord.

But God can do all things. He is the great catalyzer. Without him no change can occur. I can change and I will change, because he made me adaptable, because he made me human, because he made me, but mainly because he made me his son.

One response to “When Can I Be Free?”

  1. Someday you will be free… you busy gathering testimony… patience is worth it… or maybe you are free already but the evil one is blinding you to what God has in store for you… don’t give up and don’t give in… you better than that

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