It has been a while

I do not even remember the last time a wrote. I could look back, but I’ve been trying to stop doing that. I’m looking ahead now. I’ve been changing. I’ve grown up a bit… not a lot. but I feel as though I’m moving. I feel as though I’ve broke free from the people holding me back. I’ve broken from the one holding me back. I’ve broken free from myself.

I am no longer holding myself back. I have been too scared to move for far too long. I do not know where I am going, but to be completely honest I do not care that much. as long as I’m not going where I’ve been. I am going to keep progressing. You know there is an cliché in some anime. it’s something to the effect of be better than you were yesterday. I can honestly say I am trying to do that. I do not know if I am, but I am trying.

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