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Ignorance has the sound of lullabiesbut it is a war drum in disguise Beat by beatIts music seduces our feet Like voiceless dancers we follow the percussionsStep by step manifesting its repercussions The dancing droves drown out the sound Presenting existence as some pristine scene,But the pound of the stomps are deafening… The drum drowns […]

Being Human: Choosing Reality

Did you know that you are here to experience life?Do you know what that means?Do you know how to experience life? I do not think we understand– I don’t understand. I feel cut off from the wonder and amazement at the world; the understanding and feeling I had as a child. The one that I […]

Drowning Doubts

It’s like a stutter. That feeling of self-doubt; One of the forces behind depression that can destroy your present. That dry and neglected grass that a spark of self loathing can burn ablaze. I doused it today. I held it and let my awareness cry with it. It drowned. My tears were like rushing rivers, […]

The Soul’s Scenery

Shine a light inside and what will you find? An ever expanding darkness, infinitely wide The shine reveals nothing; just an empty soul, but if light can’t touch light, then how would we know?

Begin With Hope

Take today and make it yours! What do you want to do? Hold it inside of your mind. Feel the emotions around it. Are they positive? Are they uncomfortable? How can we complete something without positive anticipation of the result? We must aim at the future to bring it to ourselves with hope in our […]

The Force

It feels like a digging. You can feel the ground turn over as it moves to make way for the roots. There’s a oneness to it. There is an ache for the balance it brings me. The wholeness. Emotions in me that I once thought lost, have graced themselves in my heart and I am […]


“Give up your thoughts”So I gave them my mind “Give me your choice”So I gave them my spine “Now I need love” So I gave them my heartThey then told me that this was the start Of what I asked without the slightest conception“Oh my dear, of your pain, apathy, and depression” I made the […]

Peace is Natural

Peace does not wait. What makes us think that doing things as they’ve been will result in anything different than what they’ve produced in the past? What makes us think that we have to wait on what we want? We must go to what we want. Peace is not brought about by the absence of […]

The Song of my Heart

When I write, I can feel a heat in my chestIt beats like a drum My ideas turn to lyrics and my thoughts start to harmonize The is an orchestra; A convergence into one meaning. The Song of life rings out of my mind and onto a page. At times it is of joy. Others […]

A day

It’s sleepy outside The breeze lays a blanket of chills around my back. The pillows are cast over the sky and my bed is firm, still, and covered in leaves A soft crack The leaves are dancing in the wind as they spin their autumn song. Some are still on the trees, but like the […]

Truly Living my Life

My freedom looks like an overflowing cup. Pushing past the brim down the waterfall into the grass, the trees, the mountains, and the sea. How great it would be free from society’s disturbances. To dream with myself, unencumbered by the exposition people give about me, is my dream

Cleaning Up

My glass shattered a few weeks ago I’m supposed to be fixing it and putting it back together, but for some reason, I keep cutting myself self on it on the pieces… A few months passed and now I have gloves to cover– to protect my hands; I don’t need any more scars. Sadly, there’s […]


It’s important to know the distinction between the average person and you one is imagination. The other is true through and through You deal with complexity and the unexplained happenings of life The average is an over simplification of the wills that have gone through strife Don’t listen to the lie of waiting in line. […]

The Forest

No sun shines in this landThere is no hand of guidance No lighthouse or flashlight to show you the way There is only a small red heart in hand whose beating is inaudible from the crashing waters of pouring rain. When I extend my hands with the beating red bud, the roots of the trees […]


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